Episode 12 GET REAL Podcast: Craig Wayne Boyd (Season 7 "The Voice" Winner"


You may know him from “The Voice” Season 7 where he WON the whole thing! His journey is nothing short of incredible. Grew up Pentecostal, moved to Nashville in 2004 and quickly landed a Publishing Deal. Was in several bands, one w Randy Houser, before finding himself a solo act (he originally just wanted to play bass and sing harmonies). Then right before he went on “The Voice” in 2014 he found himself in his darkest days, barely making it to get by. 



Oh how much can change in a year! Flash forward to the next year and he’s the Winner of The Voice and his debut single “My Baby’s Got A Smile On Her Face” debuted on the country charts at #1!! A record only he and Garth Brooks hold. Now he has a new album out, “Top Shelf” of his most personal and best songs yet, and let me tell ya, God has worked some major miracles in his life and he has THE MOST inspiring wisdom about perseverance! 


Episode 11 GET REAL Podcast: Leah Turner!


Y’all. This girl has a STORY! Like the most magical things have happened to her, from 1) a random encounter w a woman in an LA restaurant where Leah was serving, heard her SPEAKING VOICE, not even singing voice, then 5 days later Leah was at David Foster’s house recording her original songs w him (WHAT?! That only happens in the movies, right?!) 2) Got offered a record deal on the spot at Sony. We talk all about the magic that has happened in her life and career, and also what it feels like to have everything fall apart, find her wings while free falling, and learning to rest and take the time she needed to really find herself and how she wants her music to reflect her soul. She is SO ON FIRE RIGHT NOW! I left this interview feeling so excited for Leah’s future, bc this woman knows who she is, her God Given Talent, and what she wants to do with it. Get ready world! #getreal #getrealpodcast #country #countrymusic #fearless #on #womenincountry #badass #vulnerable


Episode #10 GET REAL Podcast: Travis Carter (Warner Chappell Publishing)


 (4th and final episode of the Publisher Series): Travis Carter! Travis is A&R Director Country, Rock & Pop at Warner Chappell Publishing (I call him a “plugger” (pitches songs to get cut by artists) but that’s just a part of what he does!) ... we talk about how he got his start, the importance of putting yourself out there and asking for what you want as well as 100% staying true to you. It’s so good! Tune in tomorrow to hear it all- ohhh, and he always has great advice for people wanting to get into the music biz...... annnd we have a surprise guest stop by!  #getreal #getrealpodcast #music #musicbiz #countrymusic #nashville


Episode #9 GET REAL Podcast: Leslie Tomasina & Romie the Homie (Tree Vibez Publishing



(Publisher Series Part 3): Tree Vibez Publishing! I interviewed Leslie Tomasina DiPiero and Adam Romaine “Romie The Homie”! Brian and Tyler from Florida Georgia Line recently launched this Publishing Company, and you can feel the incredible energy immediately when you walk into the building. I chat w Leslie and Romie about how crucial setting the vibe is so all the writers are in the best space to create. God is at the center of this company and you can truly feel the greater force all around. This is a Publishing Company founded by artists, so it was cool to see how well thought out this company is for fostering creativity for the artists and writers. Tune in tomorrow to hear about the magic that happens at Tree Vibez! #getreal #getrealpodcast #countrymusic #publishing #nashville #musicrow



Episode #8 GET REAL Podcast: Rusty Gaston (THIS Music Publishing)


(Publisher Series part 2) I interviewed Rusty Gaston who runs THIS MUSIC, and he talks about how important it is to him to sign not just incredible songwriters, but songwriters that create a positive energy in his Publishing House, and write from their true authentic perspective, not just chasing what’s Hot on the radio. His formula for success is “Love + Fun = Success!” I loved hearing his perspective on what success truly means to him, and it’s not just financial. Tune in tomorrow to GET REAL PODCAST to hear all the wisdom Rusty has to share on Publishing (to those not in the music industry, a publisher is someone who signs songwriters, gets their songs placed on albums, sets up co-writes, and helps guide their songwriters into the most successful opportunities for them). #getreal #getrealpodcast #podcast #podcasts #countrymusic #nashville #musicindustry #publishing #musicpublisher


Episode #7 GET REAL Podcast: Tom Luteran (Sony Music Publishing Vice President)


I'M KICKING OFF MY PUBLISHER SERIES! Starting w the tallest man in the Music Biz, Vice President of Sony Publishing Tom Luteran! 


We talk: what makes someone stand out to be signed • what makes a hit song • what he recommends you never doing • why he never tells an artist they “can’t do it,” • how people can use the Ego either for or against themselves •and his philosophy and secret to his success! I’m so pumped about this series!


Three Little Birds: Meaning behind my new tattoo


I think tattoos should mean something. This tattoo means a lot to me. First off, Bob Marley’s Song “Three Little Birds,” “don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing gonna be alright,” is the phrase that I want to live and think by. Worrying is the thief of joy. This tattoo reminds me to find the lesson in everything and to trust my journey in life. And have Peace.

This tattoo is also in three parts. There is a time to sit and rest and be still, preparing to fly. There is a time to fly and soar. And there is a time to come down. And the cycle repeats for eternity.

Also this tattoo reminds me that life is like walking on a wire. You can’t be afraid to fall, you have to trust that you will find your wings. Birds give each other space to breathe. Haven’t you noticed when you see birds sitting together on a wire they never crowd each other. They stay in community but they give each other space to be. I like that. When a bird is on a wire, the electricity does not kill them, it passes right though. That feels like magic to me. And I love to live my life full of magic.

Episode #6 GET REAL Podcast: Russell Dickerson (Break Out Country Star 2017)

Russell Dickerson

Russell Dickerson

Russell Dickerson joins me on the last Episode of GET REAL for 2017! Russell has had such an explosive year, his song "Yours" is now top 5 on the Country Music Charts.  We talk all about his journey to success, trust in God and how important it is to just START! He is so positive and full of inspiration, get excited and ready to be moved!


Episode #5 GET REAL Podcast: Jessi Alexander (Hit Songwriter)

Jessi Alexander

Jessi Alexander

TODAY ON GET REAL PODCAST: Jessi Alexander is one of the greatest, most soulful songwriters of our generation. She wrote “The Climb” for Miley Cyrus that was over a 10 week #1 on multiple charts as well as the theme song to The Hannah Montana Movie, and she won CMA and ACM song of the year with Lee Brice’s “I Drive Your Truck.” She also is a mother and wife and has so much insight into the human experience, making her one of the most incredible humans and songwriters. Get excited. {Link In Bio} #podcast #podcasts #getreal  #getrealpodcast



Episode #4 GET REAL Podcast: Michael Chandler (2 time LightWeight MMA World Champion)

Michael Chandler. 2 Time LightWeight MMA World Champion

Michael Chandler. 2 Time LightWeight MMA World Champion


Michael Chandler is a 2 Time MMA World Champion. He is probably the most self motivated, positive thinker and inspirational person I know personally.  We talk all about his journey to taking the World title twice, why positive self talk is CRUCIAL, and why we shouldn't be scared to be the best, after all he says, "someone's got to be the best, why not me?"  If you want to be inspired out of your mind, listen to this episode.



Episode #3 GET REAL Podcast: April Nemeth and Vibe Chefs (Celebrity Personal Chef)

April Nemeth

 APRIL NEMETH! This chick is inspired from above. She started a Personal Chef Company, Vibe Chefs, where she comes over to some of the hottest celebrities homes in Country Music and grocery shops for them, stocks their house and bus, and then personal cooks in their kitchen based on their food preferences, food allergies, etc.  She has several chefs that work for her and has a full thriving business. April is super connected to God, and she feels that this was handed to her straight from Him. The whole journey to Vibe Chefs is a super spiritual experience for April, you won't want to miss her explain the magic on how she got to her Calling! 


Episode #2 GET REAL PODCAST: FOCO (Celebrity Photographer Team)


FOCO! This is the dynamic duo. Ford Fairchild and Christina Cooper! Ford is the hottest, most exciting celebrity Photographer to come out of Nashville in the past few years. He has an incredible eye to catch artists and his clients as their best self, and his creativity within shoots is out of this world. His partner and Creative Director/Producer/Director Christina Cooper makes the "CO" to "FOCO." Ford is the FO. Get it?! She has an amazing instinct for getting the vibe and set just right. Christina and Ford are the dream team. They shot all my pictures for my first Podcast "Hyper Caroline Hobby," and my new shots for "GET REAL." And they CRUSHED both shoots. (FYI, I changed the name of my podcast to GET REAL, right before I launched, but when we recorded this episode, I was calling it "The Lens, Life is how you see it." ENJOY all their wisdom on life as a Celebrity Photographer Creative Dream Team! They have seen a lot of sh!t! And they are hilarious  and Super Insightful.


Episode #1 GET REAL PODCAST: Ben Folds



Ben Folds is a Performer, Singer, Composer, Producer and Photographer. He has released multiple band and solo albums, and had collaborations w artists Sara Bareilles/Regina Spektor/ William Shatner. I had the great honor to interview him this summer for a Pinnacle Bank Event in Nashville. Ben does not just sing and play music, he understands all aspects of composing it. In 2013, he composed a Piano Concerto and has shared the stage with Symphonies everywhere playing it as well as his hits. He truly is a savant.  Music and Art is just who Ben is. We discuss how he found his Calling at a young age in music, how he has used music and art to express himself and stand up for what he believes is important, how he has always navigated the music industry (hint: he trusts his own instincts!), and his love for photography: he recently led a group of fans to Cuba on a Music and Photography Trip of a lifetime. Ben has fearlessly used his passion to guide him. He is true to himself and his art. He is not scared of losing. He knows his talent will always lead him to the right place.  Talking with him was like talking with pure wisdom. He just knows what matters.  I love this conversation and I am so grateful I got to be the one talking to him. Get ready to be inspired!










Hyper Caroline Hobby Podcast: What I accomplished in 1 year (2016)!

I have to take a moment to give thanks to God. This time EXACTLY last year, I was in total career shambles. I knew I wanted to host and interview, but I had no real experience, no real content and honestly nothing besides a burning desire inside of me to show for myself.  I was walking away from an exciting music career, but I knew I was doing what God was calling me to do. But it was a blind fucking leap of faith. I have never been more hungry, determined or scared to do anything than I was to dive into hosting and interviewing with no safety net. I am so proud of what HYPER Caroline Hobby Podcast has done in 1 year. In 1 year, I have increased my listeners by 5000, I have partnered with a major network, I have had the most exciting, relevant, inspiring, heartfelt guests join me each week.  I am hosting a major TV show that reaches over 100 million viewers per week and I have never in my life felt more in sync with God, and the path he has for me. I am fearless. I am fearless bc This year I handed my career over to God and He didn't just provide for me, He blew my mind and exceeded my hopes. Today, the Opry filmed a piece on me, talking about my podcast. Unreal. I give ALL the thanks to God for making my life magical. But I trusted him. I trusted the calling He put on my heart. I did my work. 

I was hanging with my soul sister @amaragivelove (who is about to BLOW THE F UP btw) & I said this quote and it really rings so true. "I know that even though I didn't know where I was going, I knew the moment I was walking away from a great opportunity that there was a greater one in front of me. That's what I call a leap of faith." I am so thankful to God. If you are reading this, wondering if you should follow the passion burning inside of you, YES! HELL YES! That is why we are here on this earth. God gave us each a unique calling, but He also made it hard to achieve our goals without trusting him 100%. You will never reach the potential and success and fulfillment you are searching for if God is not right smack in the middle of your journey. I know from experience trying it both ways. So commit to yourself, be fearless and trust the calling God put on your heart.

My goal for 2017.

Practice the Pause This is my biggest goal for 2017.  The times in my life where I have made a mess of myself and created chaos/pain for others is when I do not PAUSE and THINK, instead I REACT. I have learned that URGENCY is not real. Anytime I feel urgent, intense, scared, rushed, angry, etc... anything that is not LOVE based, I must PAUSE and think, and then make a choice from LOVE and true wisdom, not an urgent or fear based decision.  My therapist told me, "the truth is always the truth, no matter what.  It never changes or goes away.  Anytime you feel urgency, that is not the truth, bc the truth is never urgent- it just is.  Pause and Breathe.  Change the channel in your mind." So basically this: if you feel urgency to make a huge decision, or react in a way that is not loving or that is fear based.... PAUSE. Reset. Walk away from the situation for at least an hour. Change your headspace. Then make a calm decision based on love and true wisdom, not fear.  This is my goal for my growth for 2017. Join me?

Goodbye 2016. Hello 2017!

I am so thankful to 2016 bc this is the year that I found and made my passion for hosting and interviewing a reality. The launch of HYPER CAROLINE HOBBY PODCAST is one of the most important, terrifying, fulfilling, brave things I have ever done. This year was my year of blind faith.  I had to dive so deeply into the unknown- but I found my real faith in the process.  This year also led me to hosting a nationally syndicated TV show which has been so exciting, challenging and exhilarating to experience. .

2016 was full of so much travel, adventure and love. I feel closer to @michaelhobby than ever, we really became the most wonderful teammates, best friends and lovers this year; it's funny how transition will either tear you apart from your partner or bring you together. I love knowing that we can weather any storm and have a great time in the process, always finding the silver lining and a laugh!

I feel closer to my A Thousand Horses family than ever before. 2016 took us from band family, to real life family that's in it for the long haul: the good, the bad, the ugly.  I cannot imagine my life without this crew of people. What a blessing 2016 was to get to have allllllllll sorts of wild, exciting adventures, all over the country together. So grateful. I also made some incredible new friends this year that I treasure dearly. .

I would sum up 2016 as this: BEAST MODE. It made me come alive and feel things like never before, but tried to kill me in the process . I loved seeing what I was capable of and made of; it was awesome to be stretched so far out of what I knew and was comfortable with, but man I need a rest! I know a lot of us are feeling this same way..

My word for 2017 is PEACE. I want to have peace in all that I do. No expectations, no urgency, no need to try and define anyone or myself- I just want to let life be and flow.  I feel like 2016 was about planting seeds and now I really can't wait to watch them grow. I can't wait to see what happens with all of us in 2017- it already feels like magic! •

CHEERS to 2016! I hope you all got what you needed from this year, and have the brightest, most peaceful 2017!



1st guest of the season: MARIE OSMOND!

Get EXCITED  This season is gonna ROCK SO HARD!

Thank you all SO MUCH for loving HYPER Caroline Hobby Podcast and making Season 1 such a huge success. Major shoutout and love to my incredible guests who joined me each week and opened up their hearts this season, and shared their stories... From the bottom of my heart, thank you for letting us in on your journeys, and inspiring so many people with your lives. Season 1 was only a success because of my incredible guests. THANK YOU! See you back on HYPER Nov 30th!! #hypercarolinehobbypodcast #podcast #podcasts #season1wrapped

STAND OUT! But not from Ego, from your Higher Source

We are all one. I know that's hard to conceive in this world where we are all trying to stand out and be seen. But there's a difference in standing out bc you are following your calling from the Higher Source, and the message you have to say to the world needs to be heard to change the world for good.... that's your calling and why you were put on this earth to make an impact. That's how we were made to stand out, to ultimately unite us all, and draw us to our Highest Selves, that's how we change and inspire the world for good, for LOVE.... But if you are wanting to stand out to separate yourself, to prove you are more valuable than others, that you are are more important, more worthy, then you are not acting from your Higher Source. You are acting from ego. Ego never wins in the end.... it's leads us down a long, exhausting road full of Insecurities, Bad energy, isolation, rooting for others to fail so you can win, suffocation of the soul so much that you may not even feel a Higher connection anymore, emptiness.

I have walked both roads and I have felt and seen the difference. We are all always a work in progress, but today, why not try to see God in everyone. Today, choose to know we are all in this together, and there is room for everyone to shine bc God gave us all a unique purpose to fulfill. We are all on our own journey and there is no need to have fear or compete if God is driving... He will lead us to our Highest Self if we choose to trust the calling he puts on our hearts. Today, instead of getting upset and angry when people don't do what we want them to do, let's try and see their perspective and their journey and know that we all are a big team... Team Humanity... if we used love and empathy to work through disagreements, instead of anger and defensiveness, I know this world would have so much more Love, Light and Peace. Today, be that Light.

Why Yoga Has Changed Me To The Core

Sarah Norris: Yoga Instructor

Sarah Norris: Yoga Instructor

Today I was irritable. That's not how I like to feel. I have consciously decided to live in a happy, grateful mindset over the past few years, and I work on that practice every. single. day. It's important to me to see the positive in people and life, and not go for the easy negative. But today, I couldn't shake it. It was like I had a fireball in the top of my forehead and it was just burning, and everything made me snappy, annoyed and definitely not grateful.

I have been so incredibly lucky and blessed beyond measure, to have stumbled into hot yoga about a year and a half ago. I didn't realize the magnitude of the blessing I would be receiving in not just my body, but mostly my mind and spirit. I have lighted up 100%. I can see beauty in everything now, even the parts of life that use to scare me, or worry me bc they were out of my control, or felt like if I didn't get life just how I wanted it, it would all fall apart and be over. Hot Yoga has changed my life. It has allowed me to find peace in chaos and has taught me to love every part of my journey and myself.

This is my angel of a teacher Sarah Norris. I was so happy when I walked into yoga today, that she was leading the class. She is a wild spirt of light and she shares so much wisdom, grace, faith and light during her classes. She said this today "whatever is standing in your way, is there to teach you not break you..." or something like that (I have a terrible memory)." Today there is no particular thing in my way, but myself, and my irritable attitude. And after her class, I feel like a new person. This is a picture of her: strong, yet vulnerable, open to receive God's abundance. Thank you for bringing me back to this state of grace tonight Sarah. #namaste #hotyoga

Finally....The truth about why my band Stealing Angels BROKEUP

So, when my band Stealing Angels broke up, we never explained what happened.  We just abruptly stopped.  Well, 5 years after our breakup, we are breaking the silence and telling what happened to Stealing Angels… 

Tayla tell her side first then weaves mine in and out…. It’s kind of beautiful and amazing how we have come to such a place of healing and happiness after such a painful breakup…

Follow this link to the full story....