STAND OUT! But not from Ego, from your Higher Source

We are all one. I know that's hard to conceive in this world where we are all trying to stand out and be seen. But there's a difference in standing out bc you are following your calling from the Higher Source, and the message you have to say to the world needs to be heard to change the world for good.... that's your calling and why you were put on this earth to make an impact. That's how we were made to stand out, to ultimately unite us all, and draw us to our Highest Selves, that's how we change and inspire the world for good, for LOVE.... But if you are wanting to stand out to separate yourself, to prove you are more valuable than others, that you are are more important, more worthy, then you are not acting from your Higher Source. You are acting from ego. Ego never wins in the end.... it's leads us down a long, exhausting road full of Insecurities, Bad energy, isolation, rooting for others to fail so you can win, suffocation of the soul so much that you may not even feel a Higher connection anymore, emptiness.

I have walked both roads and I have felt and seen the difference. We are all always a work in progress, but today, why not try to see God in everyone. Today, choose to know we are all in this together, and there is room for everyone to shine bc God gave us all a unique purpose to fulfill. We are all on our own journey and there is no need to have fear or compete if God is driving... He will lead us to our Highest Self if we choose to trust the calling he puts on our hearts. Today, instead of getting upset and angry when people don't do what we want them to do, let's try and see their perspective and their journey and know that we all are a big team... Team Humanity... if we used love and empathy to work through disagreements, instead of anger and defensiveness, I know this world would have so much more Love, Light and Peace. Today, be that Light.