Let me introduce myself…

Welcome to my website and welcome to my blog! I am so pumped about this.  Let me tell you about myself, and why I am launching this site and blog and podcast.  It has definitely been a colorful, adventurous, entertaining, creative road that has led me here.  I have been climbing my way up in the music and entertainment business since I was nineteen.  Being a “country music star” was the only dream I had since I was seven years old.  As soon as I graduated high school, I got to Nashville as quickly as I could.  The only thought in my head was “I’ve got to make it.”  I hustled my way into mid-level success.  A lot of people in the country music industry know me, and know I have been paying my dues for over ten years.  I have chased and achieved two record deals in my life; I’ve had two songs from my first band Stealing Angels on the Top 50 Country Charts, while travelling around America in a tour bus for three years.  With my band Stealing Angels I travelled to Kuwait and Iraq on a USO Tour.  I travelled the world twice with my former band-mate, Jennifer Wayne, on the hit reality show, “The Amazing Race,” coming in 4th place on season 22, and 2nd place on the All-Stars Edition, season 24.  I have co-created and appeared on four reality show pilots, although none of them ever aired on a network.  I taught music lessons to kids.  I was a song publisher.  I worked as a radio promotion regional, travelling the country, all over again, for a record label promoting other artists.  I’ve had two song publishing deals as a songwriter.  I’ve had several recording artists record songs I’ve written, including Kristen Chenoweth and Marie Osmond.  I co-hosted an 8-week musical festival in Nashville called “Nashville Dancin.”  I also got married to the love of my life, sexiest, best husband on earth, Michael Hobby.  He is the front man to the incredible band A Thousand Horses.  So as you can see, I have been busssssy hustling.

Once I got married, my mind really started to shift.  I no longer wanted to chase every cool opportunity, and say “YES” to everything that came my way, like I have done for my entire twenties.  That takes too much energy and is distracting from my marriage.  I wanted to get specific on the calling on my heart.   What really lights me up?  When do I feel most alive and in my element?  The answer was very clear once I wrote down what I love to do:

1) Be on camera or tape, being myself

2) Do adventurous/exciting things 

3) Get to really know interesting people 

4) Give back to the community  

5) Have a fabulous wardrobe

So, all signs point to HOSTING! So, while pursuing opportunities to host with Networks, I decided to grab the bull by the horns and start manifesting my hosting dreams myself by launching a podcast, interviewing all the badass, interesting people I know.  That is where the birth of HYPER CAROLINE HOBBY came from.  And I could not be more excited about all of the guests I will have on, and all of the crazy things I will discover about these interesting people on my show- so thank you so much for joining me on this adventure!

I also wanted a home base.  I place for me to put “All things Caroline.”  That’s why I launched my website carolinehobby.com.  It’s an outlet for me to blog about all the crazy sh!t in my brain, and have a place for me to house my creativity and let y’all know what I’m getting into. 

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you joining me on this journey.  I want to hear your feedback and be connected to you all.  I also hope my podcast, blog, website and all things hosting, inspire love, light and kindness, while reminding you to dig deep in your soul and discover and pursue your own personal calling.  Together, let’s strive to keep discovering who we are meant to be and make this world a better place with our unique gifts. 



Caroline Hobby