PMS: The 4 Sides to Every Woman (or at least me :)

Ladies. Let me know that you feel me here; PMS is a real thing!  In my twenties, I was so emotionally all over the place that I had no idea how to monitor my hormones.  I kinda used to think that PMS was a cop out, because, well, I was such a hot mess already: moody, confused and trying to figure myself and life out, that I didn’t notice my hormonal changes each week based on my cycle...  But as I grew older and started to know who I was, and have a more consistent, emotionally stable lifestyle, it became super clear that EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK as a woman is a different experience.  In my thirties I have been able to monitor my hormones and prepare for each week of my ever changing, hormonal life; and not be completely blindsided when I am hit hard with PMS each month, and think my world is truly coming to an end (yes, I am dramatic!) Let me break it down what my monthly hormonal cycle looks like for me, and let me know if you relate:



Week 1: PMS! I am a emotional wreck, feel slightly insane, mood swings, cravings, can cry at the drop of the hat, can easily get upset over the DUMBEST things that I would never usually care about, cannot handle conflict well, take EVERYTHING personal.  I still know who my true self is; I just can’t always access her lol.  Total emotional mayhem.



Week 2: On my Cycle! I am just sort of blue, but not crying at the drop of a hat; feel a little off balance. I am emotionally fine this week, just kinda melancholy for no particular reason… but if something prompts me into stress or conflict, I can fall back into emotional mayhem like week 1 during PMS.



Week 3: GLORY WEEK! This is the BEST week of my life every month! The week after my cycle I feel limitless, free, light, EXUBARANT, EXCITED, HYPER, generous, loving, joyful, peaceful, want to SAVE THE WORLD, happy, my best true self, easy going, uplifting, fearless, fun, sexy, confident, BLISS!  Life is rainbows, puppies, and butterflies this week.  Nothing upsets me, and nothing can steal my sunshine during this week; LIFE IS AMAZING- I CAN DO ANYTHING!

            SCALE OF EMOTIONAL DISTRESS: Negative 100


Week 4: STRAIGHT CHILLEN. I am not floating on a rainbow this week, but I am cool as a cucumber.  Life is easy, breezy, calm, relaxed, zen, low key, nothing can stress me out or shake me.  I am just enjoying the moment this week, taking it as it comes, no highs or lows just being present and intentional.  I am happy and wise this week, I can easily handle conflict or stress with no problem or worry.  Life is like a California breeze this week.



So, that’s how it goes for me every single month of my life.  I have told my husband many times that he basically has four wives because, well, each week out of every month there is a brand new me- HA!  It’s insane to me that a man can wake up every day and feel the EXACT SAME! What in the world must that be like?  So, ladies, I encourage all of you, I am doing this as we speak, to learn your personal monthly cycle and monitor how you change each week.  I recently got my hormones tested and realized I am deficient in progesterone… So hopefully by taking a natural supplement everyday it can help me regulate the extreme hormonal lows I experience the first 1-2 weeks of each month.  I’ll keep you posted.  But men, be gentle with your woman and have a little compassion when we are in PMS and Cycle week; it’s truly not our fault!


Hope this helps!


Caroline Hobby