Goodbye 2016. Hello 2017!

I am so thankful to 2016 bc this is the year that I found and made my passion for hosting and interviewing a reality. The launch of HYPER CAROLINE HOBBY PODCAST is one of the most important, terrifying, fulfilling, brave things I have ever done. This year was my year of blind faith.  I had to dive so deeply into the unknown- but I found my real faith in the process.  This year also led me to hosting a nationally syndicated TV show which has been so exciting, challenging and exhilarating to experience. .

2016 was full of so much travel, adventure and love. I feel closer to @michaelhobby than ever, we really became the most wonderful teammates, best friends and lovers this year; it's funny how transition will either tear you apart from your partner or bring you together. I love knowing that we can weather any storm and have a great time in the process, always finding the silver lining and a laugh!

I feel closer to my A Thousand Horses family than ever before. 2016 took us from band family, to real life family that's in it for the long haul: the good, the bad, the ugly.  I cannot imagine my life without this crew of people. What a blessing 2016 was to get to have allllllllll sorts of wild, exciting adventures, all over the country together. So grateful. I also made some incredible new friends this year that I treasure dearly. .

I would sum up 2016 as this: BEAST MODE. It made me come alive and feel things like never before, but tried to kill me in the process . I loved seeing what I was capable of and made of; it was awesome to be stretched so far out of what I knew and was comfortable with, but man I need a rest! I know a lot of us are feeling this same way..

My word for 2017 is PEACE. I want to have peace in all that I do. No expectations, no urgency, no need to try and define anyone or myself- I just want to let life be and flow.  I feel like 2016 was about planting seeds and now I really can't wait to watch them grow. I can't wait to see what happens with all of us in 2017- it already feels like magic! •

CHEERS to 2016! I hope you all got what you needed from this year, and have the brightest, most peaceful 2017!