Hyper Caroline Hobby Podcast: What I accomplished in 1 year (2016)!

I have to take a moment to give thanks to God. This time EXACTLY last year, I was in total career shambles. I knew I wanted to host and interview, but I had no real experience, no real content and honestly nothing besides a burning desire inside of me to show for myself.  I was walking away from an exciting music career, but I knew I was doing what God was calling me to do. But it was a blind fucking leap of faith. I have never been more hungry, determined or scared to do anything than I was to dive into hosting and interviewing with no safety net. I am so proud of what HYPER Caroline Hobby Podcast has done in 1 year. In 1 year, I have increased my listeners by 5000, I have partnered with a major network, I have had the most exciting, relevant, inspiring, heartfelt guests join me each week.  I am hosting a major TV show that reaches over 100 million viewers per week and I have never in my life felt more in sync with God, and the path he has for me. I am fearless. I am fearless bc This year I handed my career over to God and He didn't just provide for me, He blew my mind and exceeded my hopes. Today, the Opry filmed a piece on me, talking about my podcast. Unreal. I give ALL the thanks to God for making my life magical. But I trusted him. I trusted the calling He put on my heart. I did my work. 

I was hanging with my soul sister @amaragivelove (who is about to BLOW THE F UP btw) & I said this quote and it really rings so true. "I know that even though I didn't know where I was going, I knew the moment I was walking away from a great opportunity that there was a greater one in front of me. That's what I call a leap of faith." I am so thankful to God. If you are reading this, wondering if you should follow the passion burning inside of you, YES! HELL YES! That is why we are here on this earth. God gave us each a unique calling, but He also made it hard to achieve our goals without trusting him 100%. You will never reach the potential and success and fulfillment you are searching for if God is not right smack in the middle of your journey. I know from experience trying it both ways. So commit to yourself, be fearless and trust the calling God put on your heart.