My goal for 2017.

Practice the Pause This is my biggest goal for 2017.  The times in my life where I have made a mess of myself and created chaos/pain for others is when I do not PAUSE and THINK, instead I REACT. I have learned that URGENCY is not real. Anytime I feel urgent, intense, scared, rushed, angry, etc... anything that is not LOVE based, I must PAUSE and think, and then make a choice from LOVE and true wisdom, not an urgent or fear based decision.  My therapist told me, "the truth is always the truth, no matter what.  It never changes or goes away.  Anytime you feel urgency, that is not the truth, bc the truth is never urgent- it just is.  Pause and Breathe.  Change the channel in your mind." So basically this: if you feel urgency to make a huge decision, or react in a way that is not loving or that is fear based.... PAUSE. Reset. Walk away from the situation for at least an hour. Change your headspace. Then make a calm decision based on love and true wisdom, not fear.  This is my goal for my growth for 2017. Join me?