Episode #2 GET REAL PODCAST: FOCO (Celebrity Photographer Team)


FOCO! This is the dynamic duo. Ford Fairchild and Christina Cooper! Ford is the hottest, most exciting celebrity Photographer to come out of Nashville in the past few years. He has an incredible eye to catch artists and his clients as their best self, and his creativity within shoots is out of this world. His partner and Creative Director/Producer/Director Christina Cooper makes the "CO" to "FOCO." Ford is the FO. Get it?! She has an amazing instinct for getting the vibe and set just right. Christina and Ford are the dream team. They shot all my pictures for my first Podcast "Hyper Caroline Hobby," and my new shots for "GET REAL." And they CRUSHED both shoots. (FYI, I changed the name of my podcast to GET REAL, right before I launched, but when we recorded this episode, I was calling it "The Lens, Life is how you see it." ENJOY all their wisdom on life as a Celebrity Photographer Creative Dream Team! They have seen a lot of sh!t! And they are hilarious  and Super Insightful.