Episode #9 GET REAL Podcast: Leslie Tomasina & Romie the Homie (Tree Vibez Publishing



(Publisher Series Part 3): Tree Vibez Publishing! I interviewed Leslie Tomasina DiPiero and Adam Romaine “Romie The Homie”! Brian and Tyler from Florida Georgia Line recently launched this Publishing Company, and you can feel the incredible energy immediately when you walk into the building. I chat w Leslie and Romie about how crucial setting the vibe is so all the writers are in the best space to create. God is at the center of this company and you can truly feel the greater force all around. This is a Publishing Company founded by artists, so it was cool to see how well thought out this company is for fostering creativity for the artists and writers. Tune in tomorrow to hear about the magic that happens at Tree Vibez! #getreal #getrealpodcast #countrymusic #publishing #nashville #musicrow