Episode 13 GET REAL Podcast (Influencer Series Part 1): SHEA LEIGH MILLS


SHEA LEIGH MILLS! This is my first episode of my new “INFLUENCER SERIES!” I could not be more excited about this series! 

Shea Leigh is only 20 years and has over a Hundred Thousand Instagram followers (she grew this within 2 years!)

She is a style QUEEN! She is a blogger and she also has the biggest, sweetest heart! She shares with me all her tips on building a brand, how she personally runs her accounts and what an “INFLUENCER” even is! This is a whole new job and world bc of Social Media and Shea Leigh dishes it all.

Shea Leigh also talks about how important her faith is, her daily prayer and how she lets God guide her life. We chat about how High School can be so hard and mean, and how she got through tough times and wants to spread Love to everyone! #shealeighmills #getreal #getrealpodcast #truth #honest #blogger #nashvilleblogger #nashvillebloggers #fashion #fashionblogger