Episode 14 GET REAL Podcast (Influencer Series part 2): Ashley Houston & Ashley Wilson!



(Influencer Series Part 2): Ashley Houston and Ashley Wilson! These 2 HOT MAMAS are both mothers of 2 kids and full time lifestyle bloggers and influencers.

Ashley Houston’s (@nashvillewifestyles) blog is “NashvilleWifestyles.com,” she covers it all from kids, clothes, cooking, products she loves, home life, and much more! She has also quickly become one of my favorite people, she is so real and just tells it all like it is.

Ashley Wilson (@beauandarrownashville) has exciting news: SHE’S REBRANDING HER WEBSITE. In the next few days her website will be re-launching as “BeausandAshley.com” How cute! Beaus for her 2 boys and hubs! I’ve been loving Ashley for years, she’s the sweetest, most thoughtful soul around, and our hubs are both in the music biz.

These 2 Ashley’s are dynamite. They know so much when it comes to building a strong brand. They only blog about things they love and they have tons of tips for new bloggers/influencers just trying to get into the game. 

And my FAV part of the whole interview was how “real life” this was. Babies crying, doorbell ringing, people walking in and out... This is real life y’all! So get excited for a true behind the scenes of how these mommy-lifestyle bloggers make it all happen, while lookin’ like a million!