Episode 17 GET REAL Podcast (Influencer Series Part 5): Mallory Ervin



Mallory Ervin Part 2! This girl is the QUEEN. Queen of positivity, queen of manifesting her life, and the queen of hard work and hustle. I am literally in awe of how she makes it all happen for herself!

Mallory and I met several years ago when we both competed on “The Amazing Race.” We have both grown a lot and experienced some really cool moments together. What Mallory has accomplished as a YouTube, Instagram and Fashion/Lifestyle Influencer in only about 2 years truly blows me away. Once this lady sets her mind to something, there is NO stopping her (and her precious husband Kyle is the mastermind behind all of her editing of content and the co-star of most of her content ).

Mallory talks all about how she has branded herself, why discovering “what your audience wants for you” is most important, and how being 💯% authentic and honest is crucial, even if you have to walk away from high dollar deals.