EPISODE 22 GET REAL Podcast: Vanessa and Miles Adcox (Influencer Series)



This is a Power Couple. Both Vanessa and Miles are huge forces in their own right. Vanessa is an actress (she was "Brittany Hodges" on "The Young and the Restless," plus so many movies, and TV shows). She is is also an incredible jewelry designer. Vanessa comes from a large entertainment family: her dad starred in "My Two Dads," her mother was a Broadway Dancer and her Brother is a hit Songwriter and Producer. Vanessa has talent oozing through her veins. And she is even more beautiful on the inside than outside.

Miles is a staple in Nashville for his Emotional Wellness Retreat Center "Onsite." At "Onsite," he leads people to personal healing. Miles says "Onsite to me more than a therapeutic retreat center, a personal growth center, therapy center, all these things that people can label us, but the truth is, we're a safe place where people can land, relax, take whatever armor they've had on for so long to make themselves feel safe from the world, and just lay it down. We're a place that helps people connect to WHO THEY ARE, so they can go back into the world and connect to other people." WOW. Miles also just launched "Unspoken Podcast" with the incredible Ruthie Lindsey, covering all of these real issues.

Vanessa and Miles are also the parents to a precious child, Maverick, and they are so honest about parenting, marriage, and all the ups and downs that happened in their relationship. They share with me how they keep their marriage strong, and why they don't ever claim to be perfect. This interview is ESSENTIAL if you interested healing yourself, and having healthy relationships.