Episode 25 GET REAL Podcast: Julie Solomon (Influencer Series)



Julie Solomon is a seasoned, smart, driven, out of the box thinker.  She has created an empire for herself. She is a #1 Best Selling Publicist, has "The Influencer Podcast" where she shares priceless information about how to best make money and grow your brand... She is THE resource for BLOGGING/BRAND/GROWTH Strategy.Through trial and error, and her publicist background and brain, Julie has figured out how to best monetize with brand deals.  And she TEACHES YOU HOW! Her course "Pitch It Perfect" tells young Influencers how to best market themselves and make major cash, authentically.


I love Julie. She has walked the walk to get to happiness in her career and her personal life. Julie has fought to find her bliss. And she shares it all on this episode and gives major insight into THE BEST BRAND GROWTH PLANS. This is the last episode in my "Influencer Series." Hope y'all loved it as much as I did!