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About caroline

Nashville based Caroline Hobby began her career in the country music trio, Stealing Angels in 2007.  During that time she performed, collaborated, and built relationships with some of the biggest stars in the industry. After scoring 2 Top 50 Country Radio Singles, Stealing Angels fell apart, but Caroline’s love for music and adventure only kept growing. 

Soon after the demise of Stealing Angels, Caroline was asked to participate on CBS's Emmy Award winning program “The Amazing Race” Season 22, with her former band mate, Jennifer Wayne.  They made it to the season finale, coming in 4th place.  They were voted fan-favorites and asked to reappear on Season 24, “The Amazing Race: All Stars.” Jen and Caroline dashed around the world competing in daring and difficult challenges with persistence, grace, and charm. They laughed themselves right onto the season finale, where they only missed winning the first-place, million-dollar prize by four seconds! "

After circling the globe, Caroline landed back in Nashville with a suitcase full of new experiences and a love for television and entertaining. Caroline is a character on CMT’s “I Love Kellie Pickler,” getting into all sorts of shenanigans with Kellie and friends.  She now is living her passion as a correspondent for CMT and Host of Cracker Barrel's "WareHouse Sessions," as well as Host/Field Reporter of “Nashville Insider, a weekly entertainment news show about the latest happenings in Country Music.  She also created and hosts a Podcast Get Real with Caroline Hobby that spotlights artists, behind-the-scenes powerhouses, mega-hit songwriters, athletes, and the most interesting people in the Entertainment Industry.  Her guests include Darius Rucker, A Thousand Horses, Old Dominion, Luke Pell of the Bachelorette, LIT, Kellie Pickler, Jamie Lynn Spears, Marie Osmond and Eric Paslay to name a few.  Make sure to check it out on iTunes.

Get real! with caroline hobby

Get Real -w- Caroline Hobby is a fast paced, quick-witted, one-on-one rap session with the incredible celebrity and talent pool that lives in Nashville, TN. Hosted by Caroline Hobby, an original member of the Top 40 Country Charting Trio, Stealing Angels, this podcast is a must listen for anyone who is wanting to hear the "real stories" of how our favorite stars/powerhouses/celebrities found and fought for their Life's Calling, even when doors were slamming in their face.

Caroline is not interested in the "fluff," and the Social Media Highlight Reel. She deep dives into the heart and soul of what motivates and inspires Nashville's Most Interesting People. Hobby is a Hit Songwriter (Co-wrote Runaway June's "Lipstick"), Publisher, Record Label Promotions Rep, and Two-time competitor and finalist, coming in 4th place and Runner-Up, on CBS’s "The Amazing Race." Caroline is married to the smokin’ hot, sexy front man, Michael Hobby, of the #1 Chart Topping Country Music Rock Band: A Thousand Horses.

Her world travels and industry experience look great on her resume, but it’s her charismatic personality that ropes the most elusive celebrities in to dish it all out and get soulful and real with Hobby. Podcast guests are movers and shakers ranging from recording artists, entrepreneurs, and music industry execs to hit songwriters, fashionistas, athletes and powerhouses. Tune in to hear the heart, soul, story, motivation and inspiration behind each guest. Each Episode the message will motivate, empower and encourage listeners to keep dreaming, show up, discover their own Calling, do the work and make their mark.